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1.Pls kindly provide us the plan of your booth or tell us the booth No# and tell us

what you want.If possible,pls kindly tell us the budget you want.Our sales will

communicate with our designerand keepin touch with you all the time.Usually we

can give you the booth design in 5 days.

2.After finish the design,we will send to you the quotation according to the design.

If you want to modify the booth design,we will be very glad to help you modify it unitl

what you want as soon as possible.

3.When you made a decision to work with us,we will provide you the photos of

every furniture in the design to let you confirm and al the demensions of booth

design to confirm with you.After confirm with you,we will made a contract with you.

4.After you decide to work with us,we will send to you the plan of booth

construction.Considering you are notinconvinient to come to China to see the

project in our facotory,we will send to you the photos by e-mail when building the

part of booth in our factory.


5.When building the booth in the exhibition center,our sales who contact you will be

there for 3-4days to communicated with you on site.After construction,we will

arrange at least 1 people to maintenance the booth in exhibition.

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